About this website

This is a personal website/blog run by professional copywriter and Coffs Harbour resident Micky Stuivenberg. It highlights things to do in and around the regional city of Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia. It tends to focus more on things that you might not find on other travel & tourism websites, such as great places to go for a walk etc.
Who is Micky Stuivenberg?
I’m an international copywriter and freelance journalist, specialising in SEO web content and search engine friendly websites, as well as social media marketing. It comes down to the fact that I help businesses improve their online presence.
For more information about me and my work, please visit my business website: Content Writer.
Why this Things To Do In Coffs Harbour website?

I’ve been living in Coffs Harbour since 2005 and I love living here and discovering new things to do and see. My work consists of writing stories, website content and promotional copy.
In January 2009, I decided to start a website in blog format to write about all the fun things you can do in and around Coffs Harbour. It’s something I want to share with more people, because I think a lot of residents and visitors aren’t aware of a lot of the things you can do here and the great places to visit.
My plan was to slowly populate this website with ideas for Coffs Harbour activities and attractions, consisting of posts that relate my own (mostly outdoor) experiences and reviews of attractions I have visited.
I write these stories in my spare time, which I don’t have a lot of unfortunately, so even though I have dozens of ideas in my head for topics to cover, I’m only able to add new ones irregularly.
Contact me
If you want to get in touch, have a question for me or a suggestion for a post about a certain Coffs Harbour attraction or activity, please email me.