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This Coffs Harbour blog is just a hobby. An almost dormant one, I must add.
Because of my very busy day job, I don’t have a lot of spare time to write new posts, unfortunately.
So what exactly is my day job, you wonder?
I’m one of the owners of Triple W Communications Pty Ltd, based in Coffs Harbour.
I’m a specialised SEO web copywriter and consultant. Clients from anywere in Australia, or indeed around the world, easily find me online by Googling Content Writer or Web Copywriter.

My specialty is helping businesses with their online communications, particularly copywriting, SEO and social media marketing.

Some clients

Although the majority of my clients are from Sydney, Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia and overseas, here are some local and regional businesses that I have helped with their content, website and/or search engine optimisation:

To find out more about my services, please visit www.contentwriter.com.au

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