Ride a Segway – Fun & Different!

Most of my blog posts are about walks, views, wildlife and other free and easy activities around Coffs Harbour. But here’s something completely different: Segway tours.
When I was given an opportunity to join a Segway tour, I didn’t have to think twice. I’ve always wanted to try riding a Segway. They just look like so much fun, don’t they?

Segway Tours at Pacific Bay Resort Coffs Harbour

Take a fun 1-hour Segway Tour at Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, Coffs Harbour

If you’re like me and you’d love to ride a Segway, learn to navigate obstacles, see how fast you can go and make your way up and down hills – all while enjoying great views, read on.

Riding a Segway around a resort

The Segway tours and fun rides are run by a company called Time Out Adventures (formerly Time Out Xperiences). They are based at Novotel Pacific Bay Resort in Coffs Harbour.
In Australia, Segways aren’t allowed on public roads or cycle/footpaths (yet), but Time Out Adventures has found a great location at Pac Bay Resort where there’s more than enough space to keep you interested and challenged for at least an hour.
The area includes an obstacle course as well as paved paths and dirt tracks around the resort, large grassy fields and plenty of bumps and hills for lots of fun and thrills.
You get to ride right up to a private beach as well as up onto a hill on the other side of the highway (don’t worry, there’s a tunnel so there’s no dodging cars to get across), from where you have a great view over banana plantations and down to the resort and coast below.

Some Segway Q&As

  • Is riding a Segway difficult? No. It really isn’t. You follow the simple instructions, start slow, and off you go.
  • Is it fun? Yes it is! After just a few minutes, it all feels quite natural and you just want to take one home to use all the time.
  • Is it expensive? When you compare it to going to the cinema or going ice skating, then yes, it is. However, it isn’t when you consider you get to have a unique experience that you may have wanted to try for a long time. And it’s cheaper to tick it off your bucket list in Coffs Harbour than in Sydney or Melbourne for example, where it costs quite a bit more. Prices are below.
The Segway Tour offers nice coastal views in Coffs Harbour

Segway up the hills behind the resort and down to the beach

Essential Info

Location: Time Out Adventures is located at Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, 3km north of the Coffs Harbour CBD.  From Bay Drive, take the 1st left into Resort Drive, go past the resort’s main entrance and you’ll soon see Zip Circus on your right hand side. The Segway rides and Time Out Xperiences’ other activities are right beside Zip Circus.
Pricing: Segways are expensive machines so you can’t expect Segway tours to be cheap. The standard 1-hour Segway Tour costs $65 per person. When I was there, a 40-minute eco-tour was also available for $49 per person (minimum 2 people per tour) and just to try it out quickly, there was a 15-minute Segway Fun Ride costing $20 per person (minimum 4 people).
Age: You need to be at least 12 years old to join a Segway Tour and those aged 12-17 need to be with a participating parent or guardian.
Times: Time Out Adventures runs its Segway Tours 7 days a week during school holidays, but not as often outside of school holidays. Call or email them to check. Booking ahead is essential.
Other (group) activities: Time Out Adventures also offers fun, safe and environmentally friendly Laser-Clay experiences, Giant Foosball on a life-size inflatable foosball field and several other activities that are fun for groups, parties and corporate team-building events.
Website/Phone: Find out more on the Time Out Adventures website or call 1300 090 767 for further information.